Salvation Army Food Canteen

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Canteen Reports:

A Busy Night at the Salvation Army Food Canteen

It was a busy night Friday especially at the first two stops where we served 170 meals, by the end of the night we had served 248 meals at 6 stops of chicken, rice and beans and a brownie/cupcake baked by Yuriko Bullock and family. On the Canteen Friday were Chris...

Already 4,172 Meals Served in 2021

We had another Great Night on the Canteen, serving 230 meals of Baked Ziti, Brownie and Water at 6 stops. We also gave out 36 Family Meal Bags, 46 Personal Hygiene Bags, 12 Masks and 3 Toys. Brownies were baked by Sherri Ahlers and toys were donated by Jamie Rollins....